What is psychoeducation?

Psychoeducation is a discipline which works on the development of adaptive capacities with the aim of restoring a balance between the person and his environment. The psychoeducators support people in their current experience while considering the strengths already acquired. Interventions in different living environments are privileged.


The psychoeducators at the CENO mainly provide services to children and adolescents aged 0 to 17 and their families. Parental support is also part of the services offered.

Offered services

Based on the observations and assessment of the situation, the psychoeducator draws up an intervention plan with concrete objectives and means. It assesses adaptation capacities and difficulties on an ongoing basis, measures results and makes recommendations if necessary.

The psychoeducator can:

  • Help to understand what your child is going through and proposes intervention strategies to meet the identified needs;
  • Support in difficult times or family crises;
  • Help reorganize your life following destabilizing events;
  • Support in the management of behaviour and emotions and offer you concrete courses of action.

Problems encountered

  • Managing emotions
  • Anxiety
  • ADHD
  • Opposition
  • Sleep
  • Social relations
  • Depressive symptoms / motivation
  • Adaptation to change (e.g. moving, separation).
  • Other mental health diagnoses
  • Parental monitoring (parent-child relationship, discipline, adapting to the diagnosis).
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