A neuropsychological or “forensic neuropsychological assessment” expertise is sometimes requested by insurance companies, the employer, a lawyer or even recommended by the court.

It can be carried out following an accident (work, automobile or other), during a significant absence of work, when questioning the capabilities of an individual, etc. For example, one may want to know the temporary and permanent sequelae resulting from an event such as an accident or a psychiatric condition.

As part of such an assessment, the client (and sometimes those around them) are interviewed to conduct a thorough interview about their personal, medical, family, academic, and professional history, as well as the specific circumstances surrounding the request. The evaluation can determine the cognitive functioning of the individual, i.e. his intellectual profile, attention, executive functions, memory, reading, mathematics, visual-perceptual or visual-constructive functions. Some emotional aspects are also discussed, such as the presence of depression, anxiety or other. In addition to the assessment, the revision of documents is often required (e.g. medical file, employee file, etc.). After a thorough analysis is carried out, a full report is produced and given to the petitioner. The neuropsychologist sometimes has to go to court to testify following the completion of this evaluation.

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